Scotts Run-First annual 5k

"Located in Monongalia County, West Virginia, Scotts Run is a five-mile long hollow named after the winding stream that flows through the communities of Cassville, Jere, Pursglove, and Osage as it makes its way to the Monongahela River.  By World War I, the area was one of the most intensively developed coal districts in the United States; however, during the 1930s, many of the coal mines in Scotts Run closed or operated sporadically due to the economic effects of the Great Depression."


The graphic design department at WVU has spent the last few years working with this community, rennovating their museum, generating revenue, and implimenting social change. 


During my time with this community, I was inspired to take a leadership role in my class's effort to provide economic assistance. I became the founder of Scotts Run's first annual 5k. I was in charge of assembling advertising materials, gathering volunteers, measuring the course, timing the race, and hosting the award ceremony. I was successful in leading this project and raised over $1,000 which we were able to gift back to community leaders.  Our class also worked together to celebrate the town by painting a mural for the community to enjoy.  The mural features Scotts Run's history in the coal industry.





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