TxRM Transform Now

TxRM TransformNow App

Understanding where your Enterprise is today and where it needs to be tomorrow is essential to delivering on the new style of business – one where cloud, applications, big data and mobility securely converge to connect your workforce and customers in new ways. The expectation of instant anytime, anywhere connection to information has created a demand both inside and outside of your Enterprise.


We were tasked to implement a digital version of a paper map that facilitates a conversation around transforming your enterprise in a consulting practice.  The app is data driven, dynamic, and is branded to represent the identity of each public sector client we consult with.  An engagement leader presents this app to a client's CIO to discuss migrating from an ad hoc approach to an adaptive approach in an overall IT consolidation plan.  The bulk of the app centers around a timeline where an HP consultant can facilitate a conversation around assessing client milestones from a current state to a future state, in which recommendations can be made about further developing a transformation strategy.

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