Crossfit NeverGiveUp

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CrossFit Never Give Up is a strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals, athletes, and teams to reach elite levels of fitness through constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. The program features fantastic athletes from the ages of 65 to 13 and the goal is to increase overall well-being within everyone who walks through the doors.  


Each CrossFit gym has a different name, a different owner, and carries different classes and products. I signed up for CrossFit Never Give Up when I was living in Charleston WV.  I quickly became friends with the owner and offered to assist in the creation of an E commerce site that would sell their Never Give Up products and gym equipment in exchange for a free membership. 


I worked with the client to create all art assets and provided direction for the look-and-feel of the UI/UX. I helped coordinate with a professional photographer to take pictures of all of their items and uploaded those items to the site with product information.  After choosing what method I wanted to pursue in performing the site development, I had to decide how to hand the site off, for the client to make future updates themselves. 


I decided to use Wix instead of my orginal site that I coded utilizing Bootstrap.  I found that utilizing a CMS was not only too time consuming for me, but too difficult for the client to manage themselves. Since handing off the Wix site, the asthetics of the site have changed alongside items sold in their store. The site is currently used by Never Give Up and is constantly changing per the needs of the client.  The client has quick access with an easy interface to make edits to design and content. I found that enabling the client to make changes was valuable becuase they had a low budget and wanted to make frequent changes.



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