HUD Code-a-thon Proposal

A mission-driven Code-a-thon can reinvigorate the relevance of IT in business. It can lead to outcomes such as: rapidly developed prototypes, solutions to existing problems, mobile based applications, community engagement, and opportunities for a unique perspective. At little to no cost, a well managed code-a-thon can be a low cost/no cost event.


Government agencies in our public sector are in dire need of change, when it comes to modernizing IT in the way we do business.  I created an infographic to support the HP HUD account, in their attempts to insert innovation and culture change into their transformation strategy with their client.  Fellow colleague and HP manager, Jonathan McCallister, led this initiative, and gave me a strategic plan to propose a code-a-thon with his client.  With his direction, I created this graphic which helps explain the benefits and outputs of hosting a code-a-thon.

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