Digital Canvassing-Yang2020

About the Project

The 2020 presidential campaign of Andrew Yang, an attorney, entrepreneur, and the founder of Venture for America, began on November 6, 2017. In April 2018, he released The War on Normal People, a book discussing job displacement, automation, and universal basic income (UBI), which are central to his campaign.  

Formerly labelled a "longer then longshot" candidate,  Andrew Yang has outlasted, outpolled, and outraised congressmen and senators in his 2020 presidential bid. His "humanity first"  perspective centers on resolving pending automation driven economic strife, messages that resonated strongly to my insider's technology and UX perspective. My participation in the "Yang Gang" has grown from selling books at a rally, to volunteer organizational leadership and project management in D.C, to creating infographic websites and materials, to advising members of the campaign on best UX practices and novel merchandise techniques,  to leading the national group "Women for Yang".  Balancing the dynamic nature of both civic movements and presidential campaigns has been a uniquely challenging, motivating, and inspirational domain for my skills. 



What can I do as a volunteer to  influence a presidential campaign?


Employ digital skills, execute quick deliverables, research voter data, display differentiation from other candidates, harness good communication, utilize social media, and build a network


Andrew Yang 2020 Presidential Campaign






6 months+

My Role

 "Women for Yang" Lead & New York Chapter volunteer

  1. Planning, providing scope & strategy 

  2. Conducting voter research 

  3. Digital asset creator 

  4. Social media influencer/content creation 

  5. Collaborate with campaign & volunteer groups

  6. Branding/Visual Design

Success Metrics

My efforts are contributing to the following campaign statistics: (as of November 1st, 2018)

  1. $15.2 million raised by donations

  2. 6th place in the current democratic debate lineup 

  3. 989.4k Andrew Yang twitter followers 

Project 1
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit Ads
UBI (Universal Basic Income) Impact on Women

Shareable graphics series intended to raise awareness of UBI to women voters across all campaign social media platforms

Social media ads to promote fundraising, holidays, podcasts, #WomenForYang, and Accessibility 
Project 2
"Women for Yang" AR (Augmented Reality) Social Media Face Filter

Shareable face filter utilizing the official "Women for Yang" Logo

1. Logo used for the face tattoo effect
2. Logo placement on face object wrap template
Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 10.07.24
3. Process of using "Spark AR" program to implement face filter for social media export
Shared filter on Twitter
Project 3
AR (Augmented Reality) UBI Business Cards

Business cards intended to hand out at volunteer hosted events

UBI_march_yanged (5).png
UBI_march_yanged (4).png
UBI_march_yanged (1).png
UBI_march_yanged (2).png
Final Image
UBI_march_yanged (3).png
AR business card printed sample
Project 4
"Make Puerto Rico a State" - Social Media Canvassing

Shareable graphics series intended to reach voters who care about Puerto Rican statehood

Project 5

Responsive website intended to share the differences in Yang's policies to his competitors.

"Yang-VS-Gang" Site Analytics
Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 11.49.25
Community Outreach